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Memorias De Mis Putas Tristes




Que descanse en paz


Featured Video: Documentary La Lupe Queen Of Latin Soul

Three Afro-Caribbean women, three Latina minorities in the United States, three voices who develop their singing careers in the United States. Yet despite the foundational gestures of this feminist genealogy, La India also recognizes and foregrounds the struggles of power and the differences among women that foreclose any homogenizing category of “woman.” La India provides her listeners with a complex negotiation between the official recognition of Celia Cruz as the Queen of Salsa, and the fact that this title has been established, in part, as a result of La Lupe’s invisibility in the history of popular music. La India’s homage to Celia is a subversive recovery of La Lupe’s radical performances, excesses whose ultimate meanings were perhaps not understood in her own time…

Excerpt from Listening to Salsa: Gender, Latin Popular Music and Puerto Rican Cultures By Frances Aparicio

Learn more about Cuban icon La Lupe through the PBS, Independent Lens documentary La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul.


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Yo crecí en EE.UU. y vi las Star Wars en inglés, no podía creer que en español le dijeran arturito

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 Cantinflas enseñaba las selfies muchos años antes que ahora.

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