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Doodle: Día de la Independencia de Colombia (pintado por Jorge Riveros)


Gonzalo M. Vargas Maldonado | Ecuador

works from the Colección de Carritos parrilleros 2007 Instalación fotográfica | 16 Impresiones  fotográficas sobre papel montadas sobre sintra


Doodle: Día de la Independencia de Argentina

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Arianna Puello,


Arianna Puello- A Kien Va Engaña! 

The new president of El Salvador has opened his official residence as an art gallery, welcoming what his office described as the socially excluded.

The president’s office said visitors would be able to see Salvadoran art and reflect on the country’s reality.

President Salvador Sanchez, a former left-wing rebel leader who took office a month ago, said the residence would be open every two weeks.

He said he would continue living at his private home during his term of office.

"The residence will become a space where we can share with those who have been excluded," said Mr Sanchez at the opening of the new gallery.

Among the first guests to his official residence were human rights activists and relatives of victims of the civil war in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Antes y Después. Palenque

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Jorge Argueta


Many #AfroMexican settled in the western costal state of #Guerrero nearby #Acapulco called the #CostaChica region. Although few and far between the influences of #Africans in #Mexico are prevalent in the #music, #food, dance and other cultural legacies. #diaspora #afrolatin #teammexico

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